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Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in Instant Messaging Tutorials, Using the Internet | 0 comments

Skype Tutorial 2 – Setting up a Skype account

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Tutorial 1 – Installation
Tutorial 3 – Audio settings
Tutorial 4 – Finding and adding contacts
Skype Homepage

In this tutorial, we pick up from our installation tutorial and show you how to set up a Skype account. You will need to create an account before you can communicate with other users on the Skype network.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

Need help viewing video content? Click here. This video is compatible with mobile devices. Press the ? key to see keyboard shortcuts. A small number of our videos may not play correctly in Firefox. Please contact us if you have difficulty playing any videos.

Additional notes

If you share a PC user account, it’s not advisable to tick the box labelled “Sign me in when Skype starts”, since Skype will automatically sign you in without asking you for your password. To avoid this inconvenience, create a separate user account for each person that shares your PC.

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