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Posted on Apr 25, 2017 in PC Maintenance, Update Windows | 0 comments

Snappy Driver Installer Tutorial

Drivers are pieces of software that let Windows communicate with hardware devices in your PC. If you want to use a new printer, scanner, monitor or USB drive, then you will need a driver. In many cases, Windows already has the drivers for these devices, or it can automatically download them for you. In other cases you might need to check with the manufacturer if a new or updated driver is available.

If you want to update your PCs drivers and keep your system running at peak performance, you have two choices. You can trawl the internet for hours on end looking for the latest drivers for all your hardware, or you can simply let the clever Snappy Driver Installer do it for you. What’s more, this tool is completely free to use with just minimal advertising support. Give it a go today, you might be surprised at how many drivers are out of date on your computer.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

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Additional notes

Do you need to update drivers on your PC? – You’ve scanned with Snappy Driver Installer and found several driver updates, but should you go ahead and install them? If you’re not having any problems with your PC, then you don’t really need to go to the trouble of updating drivers. If there are updates to existing drivers available, then installing them could, in theory at least, increase PC performance and reduce errors. However, drivers typically work at the lowest level in your system and changing or updating them does have some small risk.

We recommend taking a full system backup before updating drivers for such components as hard drives (SATA controllers), network cards (WiFi or Ethernet) or computer chipsets.

You can download Snappy Driver Installer by clicking here.

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