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Posted on Mar 24, 2014 in Smarter Surfing, Using the Internet | 0 comments

Thunderbird Tutorial 1 – Installation

If you are tired of slow web-based email, littered with adverts and unwanted distractions like “hangouts” or on page chat, then you should definitely check out Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird brings e-mail to your Windows desktop. It’s lightning fast, easy to use and super powerful. If you remember Outlook Express from the Windows XP days, Thunderbird is a similar kind of concept, but of course much more modern and capable than the old XP e-mail software.

To get started using Thunderbird, you will need to download the software. Get the latest version of the program from the official Mozilla download page here. When the download is complete, choose “Open” or “Run” in your browsers download manager to start the installation process. Enter your administrator password and/or click “Yes” if Windows User Account Control prompts you to do so.

The following window will then appear.


Click on “Next >”. The following window will then be displayed.


You can now choose between “Standard” and “Custom” installation. Standard installation is fine for most users, so make sure “Standard” is selected, then click on “Next >”. The following window will then appear.


You can now choose where on your computer to install the Thunderbird program files. The default location is fine for most users, so simply click on “Install”. You will need to wait a moment now while files are copied and configured. When the process is complete, the following window will appear.


Installation is now complete. Click on “Finish” and you can proceed directly to our next tutorial.

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