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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Help/About | 0 comments Outreach programme

Would you like to get some free publicity for your software? Here are we realise that covering every useful program for Windows is impossible. We’re also frequently approached by software companies who would like us to cover their software. Often this simply isn’t possible due to time constraints. However, we’re now offering the opportunity for interested parties to submit their own tutorial videos to us. These videos will then be hosted on our site along with our other content absolutely free.

Our audience is made up of beginner and intermediate computer users who are always hungry for new tutorials, techniques and tips to get the most out of their computers. By submitting a video to us, you promote your software to tens of thousands of visitors every month. That’s not all, your video will also be featured in our newsletter that goes out to thousands of potential users and customers each month too. By providing this opportunity, you can enter into a mutually beneficial agreement with us that sees you get free publicity and new customers while we get new content.

Submission guidelines

We will accept submissions for any useful software that we believe could potentially benefit our audience. Generally we do not accept software such as registry cleaners or system tune-up utilities unless you can show some evidence that the program in question actually has a beneficial effect when run. If your software is ad-supported please be clear about how this is done and if there are any potential privacy concerns. Naturally, we welcome open source and free software submissions too.

In order to submit a video for consideration, it needs to meet a few basic criteria. First of all, the video should be a tutorial video and not purely a promotional video. By all means talk up what makes your software better than the competition, but focus on showing the audience how to use the package rather than a sales pitch.

All videos must be submitted in .fbr (Blueberry Software Flashback) or .avi format (preferably .fbr format) and unwatermarked. We will place our watermark on the video, though the video remains your copyright and you are entirely free to upload it to other video sharing sites.

By submitting the video to us, you agree to allow us to host the video on our site, include the video in future DVD-ROM or download material (such as an offline version of the website) and collect advertising revenue from the stream where applicable.

Please aim for a video size of around 800×600 or 1024×768 on your master copy.

We have the right to reject submissions if the quality of the video or the software is not up to our expectations.


If you are interested in submitting video content to us, please use the contact form here. Full details and terms and conditions will then be e-mailed to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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