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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Help/About, Problems Using our Site? | 7 comments

Site help and troubleshooting

Problems using some of the features on Fear not, help is at hand!

Quick links:-

Problems with video playback
Videos too big for your screen?
Screen Savers
What is RSS?
Any other problems?

Problems with video playback

We have moved all of our videos over to the new HTML5 standard. This will mean that they will play just as well on mobile devices as they do on desktop/laptop PC’s. For best results, we always recommend using an up to date web browser. At least version 9 of Internet Explorer or, if this is not available on your PC, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome will work well with our content. On mobile devices, please use the latest available firmware or software update for your device for best results.

Video content will appear automatically on certain pages. In order to play a video, simply click on it (or tap on it on a touch screen). You can pause (or resume) a video at any time simply by clicking or tapping on it. By moving your mouse (or finger) over a video, the video control panel shown below will appear:-


The controls perform the following functions:-

Time elapsed:- Show the time in minutes and seconds that the video has currently played for.

Seek – The Seek control allows you to quickly move through the video. Drag the control to navigate through the video. Press Play to resume playback from the position you choose.

Time remaining:- Shows the remaining time for the video.

Volume:- Increase or decrease the volume of the commentary by sliding this control. Click to the far left of this control (on the white speaker icon) to mute the volume.

The video control panel will automatically hide itself if you do not use it. To show it again, simply move your mouse pointer over the video presentation.

Full screen mode – All our videos now support full screen viewing. On some platforms (e.g on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices) the video content will automatically be set to full screen. On other devices, you need to click the full screen button if you want to view the video in full screen mode, this is located at the top right of the video window and looks like the icon shown below:-



Help! The videos are too big to fit on my screen!

Top Windows is designed to work on a wide variety of devices from mobile screens all the way up to super high resolution monitors. If you are struggling to see all of the video window, please turn off any sidebars you might be running in your web browser (in Firefox, choose the “View” menu and then go down to “Sidebar” and make sure everything is un-ticked). Still struggling to see the video? Use the full-screen button at the top-right of the video window, as shown above.

Screen Savers

You may have a screen saver enabled on your computer. A screen savers job is to blank your monitor after a period of inactivity in order to increase the life of your monitor and prevent static images being burned into the screen. The screen saver is less important these days as most modern computer monitors do not suffer from the problems of burn-in (unless perhaps, they are left showing the same picture for a period of several days).

If you are watching a longer video tutorial, your screen saver may activate thinking that because there is no keyboard or mouse activity you must have left your desk. Typically what happens then is the video you were watching disappears and is replaced with a screen full of stars, bouncing Windows logos or other animations, or perhaps blacked out completely, although the sound track will continue.

Because of this, you may wish to disable your screen saver while using our site. To do this, click here and follow this tutorial. Alternatively, simply move your mouse occasionally while watching a video to let your computer know you are still there.

What is RSS and how do I use it?

RSS is a technology that allows you to have live, automatically updated bookmarks directly in your favourite web browser, e-mail client or dedicated RSS reader. Unlike normal bookmarks, RSS feeds (also known as live bookmarks) update automatically as fresh content or news is added to a site. By subscribing to our RSS feed, you can always keep up to date with the latest information added to, without having to check the site every day. You’ll never miss new tutorials or other valuable free content ever again!

Our RSS feed is located here. By clicking the link, your browser will give you the option to subscribe to the RSS feed/live bookmark. Popular e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird also support RSS. There are also dedicated RSS reader programs available, as well as countless desktop widgets and gadgets that support RSS reading.

Still having problems?

If part of our website isn’t working correctly for you and the above troubleshooting tips didn’t help, we want to hear from you. Please contact us here. Be sure to let us know the address of the page you are having trouble with, as well as a detailed description of the problem and details of the web browser and operating system you are using.


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  1. hi there
    i have your windows 7 and 8 books in kindle format and one of them in video format too.
    i am trying to use a third party program to replace the built in system restore feature in windows 7 home premium
    i tried two different programs but none of them would completely install.

    i tried to temporarily switch off kaspersky but this didnt seem to make a difference

    when i am using revo uninstaller it also has trouble creating a system restore point before it does its work.
    can you shed any light on this please?
    best wishes jeremy.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      For specific problems with third party software it’s usually best to contact the vendor of that software. If you need general technical help with Windows please post your question on our forum –

  2. I don’t understand about which website. Dear Matt a while ago I sent you an e-mail about the top windows tutorial which you helped with. Well here I am again with same problem, It’s about I can’t get the tutorial on windows 10 and now its gone to windows 11 its much worse. every time I want to use it I have to put it back to windows 9 which is a bother. I wondered can I install it on the hard drive so it will be there all the time I have tried quite a few times with no success can you help me.
    You told me about the patch I’m afraid I couldn’t understand that either I do so like the Tutorial thank you

    Elsie Stone

    • Hi Elsie, clearly there’s some confusion going on here as Windows 9, 10 and 11 don’t exist yet, unless you are from the future, which would be cool but I guess unlikely (if you are, can I have the lottery numbers?! 🙂 )

      I am guessing you mean Internet Explorer 9,10 and 11 in which case you may need a patch. A patch is simply something you download and run that makes some minor changes to your Superguide to fix compatibility problems.

      If you are talking about a Superguide then yes you can install it to the hard drive just by copying it over (or, in the case of our more recent Superguides they will install automatically)

      Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience, if you like I can use our remote support service to fix your problem, please contact me here to learn more:-

  3. i am trying to learn computer, both w8 and w7.i am totaly without training.all help will be apreciated.thanks truly,Roger p.s I do not know what the tearms below mean

    • Hi Rodger, well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got plenty of Windows 7 and Windows 8 tutorials, as well as our Windows 7 and Windows 8 Superguides, which are the best value training courses on the internet!

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