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Posted on Jan 18, 2017 in Superguides, Windows 10 Superguide | 0 comments

Windows 10 Superguide video update launched

Today we’re excited to let you all know that we’ve launched an updated video pack for our Windows 10 Superguide. This video pack will update 36 of the Superguide’s videos and bring them up to date with the changes Microsoft made with the Anniversary Update.

The Anniversary Update caught us by surprise and included significantly more changes than we expected, so we’re happy to finally give our customers these important updates. We’ll be working on the e-book/text parts of the guide during the rest of the month and hope to have an update for that done in the first quarter of 2017.

Any customers who buy the Windows 10 Superguide now will automatically be able to download and install the updated videos, if desired. As most PCs should now be running the anniversary update, we’d recommend this. If you’ve purchased the guide previously and you want to get hold of the updated videos, please contact us directly and tell us your Clickbank order number or, if you don’t have your e-mail receipt any more, the e-mail address you used to order and the approximate date of purchase. We’ll then send you a secure download link once we find you in our database.

How can I tell if I have the Anniversary Update installed?

It’s easy to spot if you have the Anniversary Update installed already. Simply look at the bottom right corner of your monitor, to the date and time display. If the update is installed, you should see the action centre (speech bubble icon) on the far right.



If the update is NOT installed, the time and date should be on the far right instead.



You can purchase the Windows 10 Superguide by clicking here.

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