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Posted on May 2, 2014 in Superguides, Windows 8 Superguide | 0 comments

Windows 8 Superguide Patch

We have now released our Windows 8 Superguide update patch. This patch will allow all customers who purchased the second edition of the Superguide on DVD or digital download to upgrade to the third edition, free of charge. The third edition of the guide is fully updated for the new Windows 8.1 Update 1. Eight of the lessons have been overhauled to bring them up to date with the latest changes. For more details on what has changed in Windows 8, check out the official article from Microsoft here.

You can download the Superguide patch by clicking here. The patch is 335 megabytes in size. Internet Explorer users may see a warning that the file is “Not commonly downloaded”, you can safely ignore this message. For more information on this warning, see this link.

Before attempting to patch your Windows 8 Superguide, please ensure that you have closed down the Superguide and shut down the Server2Go component in the notification area, as per the picture below.


You can then proceed to install the patch by choosing “Open” or “Run” in your browsers download manager, or by double clicking on the “Patch-W8-Superguide-E2-to-E3” file. You will also need to grant permission for the installer to run when Windows User Account Control prompts you.

After installation, we strongly recommend you clear your Internet Explorer cache. If you do not, you may see the old, second edition guide content even after successfully installing the third edition patch. Follow the steps below to clear your Internet Explorer browsing history. Note that if you use IE for browsing the internet, this procedure will also erase your recent browsing history, so please make sure that you add any sites you need to revisit to your favourites before proceeding.

To clear the cache, start Internet Explorer on the desktop and click on the cog or gear icon in the top right hand side of the Internet Explorer window. On the menu that appears, choose “Internet options”.


An Internet Options window will then appear, make sure the “General” tab is selected then click on “Delete” under “Browsing History”.


You will now be prompted to choose which items to delete. Make sure the first four options are selected and then click on “Delete”.


You can now close the Internet Options window and start to use your newly upgraded Windows 8 Superguide.

For technical support with your Superguide or the patch, please contact us here.

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