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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Windows 8, Windows Basics | 0 comments

Tutorial 16 – Working with Multiple Files and Folders

In the last video, we saw how to use the context menu or the ribbon to copy and move files on our hard drive. In this lesson, we will review and build on those skills as we work with multiple files.

This video has now been updated for Windows 8.1. If you haven’t downloaded Windows 8.1 yet, see this page.

Please wait a moment while the video loads. To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below once the play icon appears.

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Additional notes

USB stick drives (also known as thumb drives or pen drives) are portable storage devices which can be attached to the common USB connectors on most modern computers. They are often called thumb drives since they are roughly the same size as an adult thumb. They are very useful for transporting files to and from work, school or college, for example.

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