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Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in Anti-spyware Tutorials, Tackling Malware | 0 comments

Ad-Aware tutorial 3 – Additional notes

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We’ve covered all the basics of using Ad-Aware in our previous tutorials. However, there are a couple of differences between this version of Ad-Aware and previous versions that you should note.

Ad-Aware is now a full antivirus suite – Even the free version of Ad-Aware now includes a full, real time antivirus package. This means that installing the program can conflict with any existing antivirus programs you might run. If you do not want to use Ad-Aware as your antivirus solution, then firstly temporarily disable your current antivirus program before installing Ad-Aware.

Then, when Ad-Aware is installed, open up the program and click on the “Home” icon at the top. Locate the control that turns off the real-time protection and click on it. The picture below shows the control that you need to access.


toggle realtime protectin in Ad-Aware


Once this is disabled, you can reinstall or reactivate your original antivirus package. You can now use your existing antivirus solution but still benefit from the spyware scanning capabilities of Ad-Aware.

Ad-Aware may require activation, even for the free version – Once your Ad-Aware pro trial expires, you may need an activation key for Ad-Aware free. This does not mean you have to pay for the product, you simply need a valid e-mail address. Lavasoft will send you your free key via e-mail, which will activate Ad-Aware free and allow you to continue using the software.

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