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Posted on Mar 1, 2009 in Windows Basics, Windows XP | 0 comments

Tutorial 9 – Deleting Files and Using the Recycle Bin

XP Compatibile tutorial

In this Windows tutorial, Marc Liron shows us how to delete files in Windows XP using the recycle bin, as well as teaching us how Windows handles deleted files.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

Need help viewing video content? Click here. This video is compatible with mobile devices. Press the ? key to see keyboard shortcuts. A small number of our videos may not play correctly in Firefox. Please contact us if you have difficulty playing any videos.
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This Windows XP tutorial is copyright Marc Liron and may not be downloaded or distributed without express written permission.

Additional Hints for Beginners

Some Deleted Files are NOT Sent to the Recycle Bin! – As Marc mentions in the video, some files and folders are not sent to the Recycle bin, but are instead deleted immediately. These files include files that are too large to fit in the recycle bin and any files you delete on a network drive (if you computer is not on a home or corporate network, you do not need to worry about this).

Be Careful With Your Confidential Data – Again, as mentioned in the video, files deleted in Windows can usually be easily recovered by using appropriate software. If you are planning to sell your computer you should take extra care to securely wipe your hard drive. For more information on protecting confidential data on your PC, see our guide to PC Privacy.


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