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Posted on Apr 16, 2013 in Make Windows Faster, PC Maintenance | 0 comments

Move your virtual memory paging file and increase Windows XP performance

If you have two or more hard drives in your PC and you find Windows XP running slow on your computer you may wish to try this easy performance tweak to move your virtual memory files to another hard disk. Virtual memory files, known as paging files or swap files, are areas of disk space reserved by Windows for data that needs to be swapped in and out of memory as quickly as possible. To really see the benefits from this procedure, you will require two hard drives in your PC. Even if you only have one hard drive, but several partitions, you may find you get a small speed boost from following this tutorial. If you are not sure if your PC is suitable for this procedure the video below also shows you how you can find out.

Windows Vista Users, if you surfed onto this page and you are a windows Vista user, click here for a Windows Vista version of this tutorial.

Please wait a moment while the video loads. To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below once the play icon appears.

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Additional notes
Hard Drives, or Partitions? If your computer has more than one hard drive installed in it, then this tweak is ideal. However, it is also possible to ‘partition’ a single hard drive into two or more drives. If you only have one hard drive, but your computer shows more than one drive when you go to “My Computer”, then this is how your computers hard drive has been configured/partitioned. If you only have one hard drive but several partitions, as described previously, you may still see a small speed increase by carrying out this tweak. However, users with two or more physical hard drives will notice a far bigger improvement than users with a single partitioned hard drive.

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