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Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in PC Maintenance, Update Windows | 13 comments

WSUS Offline Update Tool

There are many scenarios where installing Windows updates can be difficult or even impossible. Maybe your internet connection at home is slow, or metered by the megabyte. If that is the case, downloading updates can eat into your allowance and prove costly. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who lives somewhere where broadband internet is unavailable. One possible solution to these problems is to use the WSUS Offline Update tool. With this tool you can download the updates on a PC with a suitable internet connection and then save the updates to a USB stick or DVD disk for transportation to the bandwidth challenged PC you need to update. Using the WSUS Offline Update Tool is really easy and we’ll show you everything you need to know in this video.

To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below.

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Additional notes

WSUS Offline Update Tool downloads its update files directly from Microsoft’s servers, meaning you always get the official versions of all the security fixes and patches. You should avoid downloading Windows updates from any other source other than directly from Microsoft.

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  1. How do I get this to pull the updates from my inhouse WSUS server? I have tried configuring the WSUS button but it still reaches out to Microsoft for the updates.

    The need is for us to be able to deploy updates after imaging machines at ROBO and not pull the updates over the WAN.

    • That’s not something I’ve ever tried to do I’m afraid, have you tried contacting the author directly?

  2. Hi,

    Will this download patches from my WSUS server or Microsoft. I see a tab WSUS where I can give my WSUS IP address.

    Can we create the ISO with approved patches on my WSUS server.

    • Updates are downloaded directly from Microsoft.

  3. another question. Is this always the most recent update info ? The directory it generated : wsusoffline1074 does not seem to tell me anything : what does 1074 mean ?

    • Always worth doing a check on Windows Update too.

  4. Hi. why doesn’t it list the Windows 64 bit OS updates as a selectable option, when you choose what to install ? I feel as though its not really updating windows system

    • Not sure what you mean. If you have a 64 bit version of Windows, you choose “x64 Global” when downloading/generating the updates. You can’t install 32 bit updates on a 64 bit machine and vice versa.

      • yes, but it does not show ANY version of windows to install, right at the moment when you chose what to actually install

        • Still not sure I follow. When you run the update installer, it knows what version of Windows you are running and doesn’t need to ask you. You can’t install Windows 8 updates on a Windows 10 machine, for instance.

  5. Is this a MSFT product?

    If not… how do you know it does not contain malware, trojans, keyloggers, etc.???

    You don’t – and it likely does!

    • Hi Roberto. Although this isn’t an official Microsoft product, it DOES use the official Microsoft Windows Update servers and file verification tools, so you can rest assured it’s not downloading malware etc.

  6. thanx for this video tutorial, really help 🙂

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